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Interior Design Firm Based in Australia

MJ Interior Design is a specialised studio with talented professionals who have vast knowledge of all design concepts, we create an elegant space for you and make a real difference. Our focus on Interior Design, Interior Architecture, and Interior Decoration for commercial, residential and renovation projects.

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Our aim not only to provide you with stunning design rather a place that you love. We create a design for your project including all spaces, propose samples that suit the final design, create 3D modelling where you visualise your space and make your project come to life. Finally, we visit your site to ensure all your requests are done as asked and progressed.



MJ have a vast experience in all kinds of residential projects and styling of houses, duplexes, villas and apartments. We guide you to choose the style that suits you either; contemporary, traditional, rustic, coastal, modern or earthy styling.

We make sure that your building is such a piece of art internal and external. We help you in the selection of all types of materials, provide you with samples, and offer a wide range of color scheme that you can select from.

Lastly, we finalise the design and produce 3D modelling drawings where you can visualise how your place looks like once it’s finished.


Renovation is one of our main interest and we are master in this field. We create the difference by proposing a new layout or rearrange the interior walls that give you a fantastic feeling of a bigger place.

You place will look entirely different, new and astonishing; our proposed renovation will not only make a new style rather it adds value to your existing place regardless of how old.


The interior design of commercial spaces is one of our specialties. Our aim is to provide you with a unique design for your space.

Our profile includes:

  • Offices
  • Medical Centers
  • Retail spaces
  • Industrial projects
  • Public spaces
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Childcares
  • Hotels

We choose the best layout of your space and liaise with the architect to make it efficient. Also, we help you in the selection of all furniture and appliances or any other equipment that make your space comfortable and cosy.